I was born in London, England. After having an enjoyable and successful education I didn’t feel the urge to go to University straight away as I wasn’t sure what i wanted to develop myself in and there wasn’t a course to study the world and life in general.


I moved out into the world at the age of 16 and started working various roles from bars and festivals which taught me a great deal of my interpersonal skills until I got excited to go travelling, spending time mostly in India and Nepal. As well as plenty of climbing and hiking I learnt a lot about the realities of life and the day to day hardship of people. These experiences changed and defined my character greatly. Never could I take for granted the vast opportunities presented before me. I lost my right to complain.


Realizing that it was my choice to learn all that I could, it was my choice to not give up when challenges came my way and I could see where I could build upon myself to make my impact. I am determined to excel, determined to help other’s develop and find their way. Passing on what I have learnt and give others the tools to be successful in this company. I am sure that alongside my fantastic team, we will be the number one company our clients can work with.


I pride myself of being a leader in a world of boss’s, I want to empower other’s and give them the best start in terms of their own business, their leadership skills and ultimately making them realize that when the going gets tough, that’s when you know you’re on the way to great things.


My Goals

Short Term – From my new location in Minnesota  I want to develop, grow and continue to expand while making sure we build solid foundations and a core for continued success and growth. The focus is to continue to help everybody within the company achieve their yearly goals and for us an organization to achieve our growth goal of 3 new locations in 2017.

Long Term – As a business I want a 50 office strong organisation with offices in the USA and India. To do this requires the continued growth and development of individuals allowing them to achieve their goals and aspirations. Success is setting a goal and achieving it, no matter how big or small.