CEO: Benjamin Streames

Tell us a little bit about yourself before you started in the marketing business.

I was born in Kent, UK, but was raised in beautiful Herefordshire. After having an enjoyable and successful primary education, I didn’t feel the urge to go to university straight away as I didn’t know of a course offered to study the world and life in general. I moved out into the world at 16 and started working in various roles. That was until I decided to go traveling, spending most time in India, Nepal. There I learned a lot about the realities of life and the day-to-day hardships of people. These experiences massively changed and defined my character. I realized going forward, I could never take the vast opportunities presented to me for granted.

 What changes have you made to grow your company?

This year has been all about company culture. Just like in any sport, there are many teams that play in the same league with the same goals and similar actions, but with vastly different results. The big teams, the championship winning teams, have a culture of winning that takes non-negotiable standards and an unapologetic attitude towards outworking everyone.

What motivates you to work hard every day?

Many things. First and foremost, I love the team I work with. Being surrounded by people that are eager to learn and grow is inspiring. But motivation aside, it’s really just habits that drive things. In my experience, motivation is temporary and wains but habits and discipline have the ability to push through anything.

How do you separate yourself from the crowd?

When I started in this industry, all of the people I looked up to were just so much better than me in so many areas. Though daunting, it was also exciting as I wanted to grow and develop myself. So to keep growing, I am still always holding myself accountable to the actions and habits of those in a place I want to be. If you’re the best person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

What is your greatest weakness as a business owner and how do you grow from it?

A steep learning curve for me was learning to ask for help. This was very apparent when I first began in the industry and the teaching was on basics. I just felt silly asking for advice or help. Now the attitude has changed slightly and I’m a much better student for it. Though I know I could always be doing more and endeavor to do so.

How do you ensure Streamline maintains a standard of quality?

In this industry, I find that easy as we have so many great examples in many countries. The long-term wins of excellent quality are proven everywhere.

What are you most proud of in your business?

The people I work with and the sense of pride and integrity over what we do. We do things right from the smallest inconsequential moment all the way to some huge decision. If everything is done with integrity then things are going to go well. That’s why I put my family name on my company, it means something and provides a sense of accountability.

How do you keep your team motivated?

Again, habits. It’s all about habits that are long-lasting. They kick in when things maybe aren’t going so well, or you need to push further than previously reached limits. As a leader, you are the pulse of the business, the thermostat. I have the ability to control the temperature so I always keep things fun, energetic and purposeful.

What are your goals?

My goals have changed and adapted over the years.  At first, I wanted to be somewhere I could get development and professional growth. As I exposed myself to better examples and learned more, I saw there were options to be obtained from this business…a lot of options. So going forward, it’s the lifestyle I want. To have the ability to travel and live in multiple countries, well that requires a certain level of success. I now plan to hit regional consultancy in 2019, begin building an international property portfolio and to continue my list of visited countries. So far its 37.

What do you wish you could have known one year ago?

Wow. One year ago from the time I’m writing this, I was in the field and my life was very different. My biggest failing was my lack of urgency to grow. I wish I had realized that everything mattered, from the smallest conversation or impact you made on someone. So aim high and just go for it. Worst thing that could happen is we fail a little but that’s also how we grow so why not go all in?