Streamline International Explains: Why Minneapolis?

According to an article, “The Miracle of Minneapolis” by The Atlantic, “Minneapolis is the place where no other place mixes affordability, opportunity, and wealth so well. What’s its secret?” It has been recognized that Minneapolis is the headquarter for 19 of the Fortune 500 companies than any other metro city its size. When asked the reason as to why some of these Fortune 500 companies chose Minneapolis, businesses have stated, “We’re not like Atlanta, where half of its Fortune 500s moved there,” Myles Shaver, a professor at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, said. “There is something about Minneapolis that makes us unusually good at building and keeping large companies.”


In comparison to larger cities that are well-known for booming with businesses, it can be hard to prosper. You would have to spend a lot of money on other expenses while handling your business. The article notes, “Unlike America’s coastal metropolises, Minneapolis doesn’t benefit from a proximity to other rich cities and their intermingling of commerce. Instead, it’s so far from other major metros that it’s a singular magnet for regional talent.” This means instead of being a city that burdens its civilians it’s a place where entry-level roles and managerial roles can prosper because opportunities are vast and affordable. Streamline International have chosen their business’s location as Minneapolis, Minnesota, and managing director, Ben Streames says “Minneapolis is a hidden gem of opportunities waiting to be discovered.”


“I’ve chosen this city because it’s a place where I know as a company we will prosper and successfully reach our goals and expand in our industry. According to NerdWallet, Minneapolis is the 4th best spot for millennials to start a business, I also agree with this because I have seen opportunities being taken by individuals and used to their needs,” mentions Ben Streames, Managing Director of Streamline. Both the workers and companies benefit from this type of relationship in a city that is vastly ignored often and not chosen over big east coast area.


“The Miracle of Minneapolis” also states, “Minneapolis is so successful at turning medium-size companies into giants because its most important resource never leaves the city: educated managers of every level, who can work at just about any company.” Another valuable aspect for Streamline to chose this location because it makes it easy for individuals to take the right opportunities when they are seeking progression and change. “At Streamline we make sure all individuals that come are being able to give their best shot when they want to join our team, in doing so it gives us an idea of what we can do together in a new city that we’re proud to say is doing great for us right now,” notes Ben Streames of Streamline.