Streamline USA Explain How To Have It All

“Working in an industry that gives me the freedom to travel is a dream come true. But what’s more, is being the CEO and my own boss as it allows me to design my schedule the way I want it — I have total control over it. So visiting a new city means work in the morning and exploring after” says avid traveler and businessman Benjamin Streams.

After many years backpacking and working around India, CEO Benjamin Streams of Streamline USA still holds a torch for the traveler lifestyle. Always looking for the next adventure and hungry for anything new, “Most people think you choose a future either wandering or working, and they’ll never understand that by combining both aspirations, what you’ll uncover is nothing short of endless joy. To wander doesn’t always have to be meant in the literal sense, most of the time our brains wander more miles than our feet ever do.” It’s this level of mindfulness and curiosity that opens up doors for entrepreneurs, as they can combine business sense with creativity, exploration, and risk-taking” explains CEO of Streamline USA.

Benjamin Streams began his career in the UK, not long after his return from wandering and working in India. His role had him in major cities like Cardiff and Bristol, and at that point, he expanded to Chicago, and after a year of developing his team in the windy city, they moved to their current spot in Minneapolis. An ideal situation for someone whose goals are to see the world and while simultaneously growing into a successful businessperson. This year alone — only one month in — Benjamin Streams and some of his firm have already traveled to New York, L.A and the Bahamas for business and well deserved adventure.

“While traveling India, the freedom to be myself and just explore and enjoy life is how I wanted to enjoy every day for the rest of my life, so going into business and working this hard, I am creating a successful business as a way to give myself the feeling of ever-present freedom.” Comments Benjamin.

“Travel for us is an inspiration. New environments, new people, new ideas. It is not something we take for granted at Streamline USA. Many of our firm’s representatives share a similar interest and desire to become both successful and well traveled. That’s why Streamline USA has such a friendly atmosphere mixed with motivation, passion, and energy.”

Photo by slon_dot_pics from Pexels