Streamline USA Review The benefits Of Work Placements


A business is only as rrong as the people who work for it, and that’s why it’s so essential to find the right people for the right position. Resumes and interviews can help a company find out a little about candidates, but it won’t reveal how they will fit in with your business and interact with other office members. A recent study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters looked at how work placements are becoming increasingly important. Here, Streamline USA review the study, and look at the benefits that they themselves have gained.

“Entrepreneurs should always be looking at ways to grow and expand their business, and this also involves expanding your workforce,” said director Ben Streames of Streamline USA. “As this study by the AGR shows, work placements and internships are an ideal way to get to know a candidate, while injecting fresh ideas into your business. That’s why we are always supportive of work placements within our business.”

The AGR study is reported by DJS Research. It asked businesses affiliated with their organization how many work placements or internships they had used in the previous year, and what their plans were for the future. The results showed just how effective these placements can be. Half of the graduates who had been on a work placement or internship had gone on to be given a graduate role within the company in the last year. This figure is predicted to rise in 2017, thanks to the continuing growth of the economy, with around a quarter more graduate vacancies expected.

The IT and telecoms sector is predicted to be the area that will provide the most opportunities for these graduates, with half of the respondents in this sector saying that they expect to have more graduate vacancies. Offering work placements and internships that can lead to full-time employment provides significant benefits for both employer and graduate.

“Recent years have been difficult for graduates looking to enter the workplace, but at last this is changing,” says Ben Streames of Streamline USA. “By offering work placements, you can really get to know graduates and job seekers, and find the one that’s a perfect fit for your business, and that will help drive it forward.”

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