Streamline USA Reviews Ways Practicing Gratitude Brings Contentment

“Think about the last time you felt satisfied, content, happy and genuinely good with your life? It’s sometimes easy to forget the good when the negative and adversities come around our way. Nonetheless, there are various studies and research that help us understand that gratitude is one of the most essential qualities a person can have and implement,” says Ben Streames, managing director of Streamline USA. We’re sure that there have been many times individuals feel left down and unsatisfied with their circumstances. “By being able to look at your personal and professional life and find light in the darkest situations helps you establish gratuity,” says Ben Streames of Streamline USA.

According to Success Magazine, writer Najma Khorrami talks about gratitude being essential. She writes, “Robert Emmons, Ph.D., a gratitude researcher, writes, “When you become truly aware of the value of your friends and family members, you are likely to treat them better, perhaps producing an ‘upward spiral,’ a sort of positive feedback loop, in which strong relationships give you something to be grateful for, and in turn fortifying those very same relationships.” Healthy relationships make us happy. How? According to the longest-running study on human development by Harvard University, the No. 1 predictor of health and happiness in a person’s life is the quality of their relationships.” “This study is a reminder that gratitude influences how we behave and think towards situations. Due to that, it is so important to practice,” says Ben Streames of Streamline USA.

Khorrami also writes “Researchers from the University of California, Davis and the University of Miami found that after regularly expressing gratitude for ten weeks, study participants reported feeling more optimistic about their lives. Optimism, in turn, has been shown to be a life-lengthening trait in a recent Harvard University study. Regarding the impact on overall health, one study found that “Optimism may significantly influence mental and physical well-being by the promotion of a healthy lifestyle….” The overall quality of gratitude outweighs any adverse factors, and for that reasons, we really do feel inspired by those that portray it and practice it daily.