Streamline USA Shares How Creativity Can Be Developed

There are various ways to inspire creativity. It’s something that helps us develop our thoughts clearly and implement ideas into reality. “At Streamline USA, our members love portraying their creativity in every aspect of our business. From strategies to critical thinking situations, creativity is what helps our ideas flow,” says Ben Streames, managing director of Streamline USA. Some people may draw, read or listen to music when they want to get a dash of creativity in their ideas. Others simply just utilize the environment around them and the energy they get from that.


Other ways to increase creativity would be through the sound of running water, fountains, streams and waterfalls helps with creative thinking.This is something Streamline USA read about recently. We found that listening to the flow of water helps with the flow of creativity. How it works is, “The sound awakens your right prefrontal cortex, the water is random and constantly changing, which means an ever-changing pattern that cannot possibly be predicted from second to second. This is what keeps your brains pattern detectors guessing and therefore stimulates and juices up the creative flow,” says Ben Streames of Streamline USA.


We admire that natural aspects and our environment can be something that provides the creativity. It’s natural that we want to be those individuals that are constantly reaching for the highest and giving their best towards everything. Simplest and the most serene things such as the flow of water can help jog creativity. This makes sense because many of the relaxation and concentration music of instruments we get have to do with the flow of water. Streamline USA found this very relevant to the fact that we promote creativity at our firm and believe in any meaningful way that it can be used.