Streamline USA’s CEO: Home for The Holidays & Christmas!

Tis’ the reason to see loved ones and celebrate. Traveling is a huge part of December and the holiday season. Everyone is either trying to spend time with their loved ones or return to their home to spend the holidays with their loved ones. At Streamline USA, we value our roots, going back on special occasions to those that mean that most. “I often wonder what drives individuals back to their homes for the Holidays. It’s the feeling and surrounding of people that care about you during this time that makes it worthwhile to go back home for the Holidays. At Streamline USA, we understand that the holiday season is a time to celebrate and reflect on the past year. It’s a surreal time and experience that gets us grateful for being alive and being surrounded by great people every day, “ says Ben Streames of Streamline USA.


As children, our parents surround us with lights, food, ambiance, atmosphere, gifts and so much more growing up during the Holidays. When we’re adults, it’s likely that we want to be around that again. “No matter how old you get, the Holidays and Christmas will always be a time to feel like a kid again,” says Ben Streames of Streamline USA. There’s a lot of memory and emotional attachment to the idea of returning home for the holidays. We theorize that it is because that it provides a sense of nostalgia for individuals. It’s the feeling of being surrounded by what you were as a child that makes us want it as an adult as well. Traditional Holiday rituals that are fun as a child still seem fun because of the nostalgia attached to it. We all love nostalgic situations because they take us back into time and remind us of a time where being an adult was just a matter of time.


This idea of being surrounded by loved ones is proven during the Holidays because various studies portray that the holiday season sees the lowest rate of reported suicide incidents. It also represents fewer rates of depression as well. For those that go home for Christmas, being surrounded by loved ones, taking some time to yourself in private and stepping away from the bustle of everyday lives reenergizes them for the new year. It creates a unique perspective. As the years go on, we realize more and more than these traditions we do as children, have meaning when we get older also. We all want to be home for the holidays, and Ben Streames, CEO is excited to return home for Christmas time as well.!